Xiaomu Liu,

     -- As the head coach

  • Since 2006, UBC has been led by coach Liu, who has eighteen-year international badminton coaching experience.
  • He used to be the coach of Peruvian National Badminton Team. Coach Liu’s students were qualified for Thomas/Uber Cup semi-finals in theEuropean section in 2000. UBC won over 300 medals including 110 gold medals in different tournaments in US and Pan-Am since it was started.
  • In 2009, UBC won49 medals including 17 gold medals.
  • On February 22, 2010, UBC received7 gold medals at JR. National Tournament.
  • With that, 7 UBC players were qualified for Pan-American at Jamaica in 2011. Coach Liu was appointed as the Badminton Pan-American Confederation Head Coach in 2007, and US Head Coach for the badminton Pan-American Youth Camp in 2010..

Dedicated to helping individuals realize their true potential, UBC offers innovative, comprehensive, and specialized training programs. With expert instruction, a proven training methodology, professional-grade facilities and a challenging and motivating learning environment that brings together individuals of all ages and backgrounds, UBC provides the ultimate foundation for future success. We strive to develop the next generation of champions, leaders and influencers.

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In 2013, three UBC players participated in the Thailand World Youth championship tournament. In 2014, two UBC players represented USA participated in the world cup tournament in Malaysia.

      Coach Hua, 

     -- As the main coach

  • Coach Hua used to be coaching in Shangxing Badminton Club in China from 1996-2001. He was also the main coach of Shanghai badminton training center.
  • After he came to US, he worked for affinity as the main coach during 2009-2017. 

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United Badminton Club was founded in 2005, for the fans to enjoy badminton exercise in the Bay Area. Coach Liu is the founder who established the badminton training process with quality standard and helps the people improve the badminton skills at different levels. The young players trained by UBC have won most of the medals in different tournaments in US or Pan-Am. UBC is also a great place for badminton lovers to live a positive and healthy life by doing exercise and making friends after a long day.