UBC 2016 Summer Camp Is Coming ...

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Head coach is the trainer. 

UBC 2016 summer camp is open for all level badminton learners. It has two main focuses. It will teach entry level learner how to enjoy sports through learning badminton. In the summer camp, the entry level learners will not only learn basic badminton skills, also hone their body skills including eye and brain coordination, body balance, etc. It also focuses on training advanced learners how to improve badminton tournament skills. Our training is emphasized in the following aspects: Foot works, solid skill foundation; and professional-like forms. All the players participated in our previous camps had tremendous progress thanks to Coach Liu’s Trainging. In the summer camp, those who would like to join the elite team will be evaluated and have chance to join the team directly.


Safety is the first priority: Our club complies with all state and federal safety regulations to ensure the highest level of security. Our facility meets the badminton professional training standard.

Fun and indepth professional learning: Coach Liu will lead and coach the summer camp to ensure students to get professional training right from the beginning.

Class size is limited to 15, Birdies are provided.

Summer Camp Schedule 

Session9:00 - 11:0011:00 - 13:00

13:30 - 15:30

June 13- June 30ABasicBasic & AdvanceBasic & Advance
July 4 - July 21BBasicBasic & Advance
Basic & Advance
July 25 - Aug 11CBasic
Basic & Advance
Basic & Advance
Aug 15 - Aug 31DBasicBasic & Advance
Basic & Advance